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A Trendy Greek Island: Santorini

Santorini is an island in the southern Aegean Sea, about 200 km southeast from Greece's mainland. It is the largest island of a small, circular archipelago which bears the same name and is the remnant of a volcanic caldera. It forms the southernmost member of the Cyclades group of islands, with an area of approximately 73 kmand a 2001 census population of 13,670. The municipality of Santorini comprises the inhabited islands of Santorini and Therasia and the uninhabited islands of Nea Kameni, Palaia Kameni, Aspronisi, and Christiana. The total land area is 90.623 km2.

Santorini is one of the few Cyclades Islands with a major airport, which lies about 6 km southeast of downtown Thera. The main asphalt runway is 2,125 meters in length. It can accommodate Boeing 757, Boeing 737, Airbus 320 series, Avro RJ, Fokker 70, and ATR 72 aircraft. Scheduled airlines include the new Olympic Air, Aegean Airlines and Athens Airways.

Weddings and Honeymoons:

Has it ever crossed your mind to get married somewhere far away from where you live? Somewhere special and romantic? If you want to experience the happiest day of your life with your other half somewhere other than the ordinary, then Santorini is a very good choice. The landscapes of the island are of unparalleled beauty and will surely give you moments that will remain forever etched in your and your guests' memories. Whether you decide to have a private wedding on the island, or to be followed by your many guests, the experience is definitely going to be unique! Even if you ultimately choose, for your own reasons, to get married near your home, the island will still be a unique destination for a honeymoon. With the romance that dissipates the island, it is certain that the first moments as newlyweds will have a distinct character. Whether as intended spouses or as newlyweds, the island is awaiting to enchant you!

A nice culinary experience:

The island has been lucky the past two decades as its products and cuisine have been associated with tourism. This gave way in the production of and in making a good name in the culinary market. Agricultural products such as tomatoes, split peas and capers are already known and sought after. The market's need for continuous improvement, resulted in new proposals for local cuisine, with rare tastes based on pure and delicious raw material. A tendency to highlight the culinary peculiarity of the island has come to the front, through variations of traditional recipes and unusual combinations. During these twenty years assyrtiko showed its strength and today it is considered to be the first Greek variety, with great wines. The wines of Santorini enjoy a growing worldwide recognition, while, of course, its fans are increasing. Santorini, though small in size, has already made a big name in gastronomy and is considered to be a gastronomical destination with some of the finest restaurants, wineries and restaurants throughout the country. You just have to try them and form your own opinion!

Dimitris Ammoudi Taverna, Santorini Greece

Selene Restaurant, Santorini

1800 Restaurant, Fine Dining on the Island of Santorini

Move around and Discover:

The island has a public bus service, with buses costing € 1.60, € 1.80 and € 2.20. Buses run between every 30 minutes to every other hour. In addition, there are "hop on hop off" private bus services. Boats also run between major coastal towns on the island. Cars can be rented from about € 45 a day. An international driving permit is recommended. Scooters and 4-wheelers (quads or all-terrain-vehicles) are available to rent starting at about €15 or €30 per day, respectively. A drivers license is required to rent these 4-wheelers. Be aware that most of the people in Santorini are tourists. As a result, road conditions are extremely unsafe, with many people driving by the laws and conventions of nearly every country in the world. A popular method of getting around is to rent ATVs. ATVs share the road with other drivers and are usually all over the island. The island is small enough to travel around on an ATV, and is a cost-effective way to self-explore the further reaches of Santorini. ATV rental shops are all around the island, so it's best to ask your hotel concierge on the closest vendor. You will need your local driver's license to ride one of these, and a helmet is recommended. Some hotels advise booking a taxi in advance, as there are not enough available taxis on the island during high season. As is the rule in the Cyclades, taxi fares are typically shared between multiple passengers, so don't be surprised if your cabbie picks up more passengers during your trip.

What to do on the Island:

  • Walk along the caldera from Fira to Oia
  • Climb to see Ancient Thira, or more ambitiously, the monastery, for an amazing view of the ocean, beaches, and island from up high.
  • Horseback riding in Exo Gonia
  • Scuba diving and snorkling. Even non-qualified divers can dive up to 14 metres down on a wreck next to the volcano.
  • Caldera Cruise and Oia Sunset
  • Plan your wedding in Santorini

White Suites Hotel, Santorini

White is located in the beautiful Imerovigli, high on the island’s famous cliff offering spectacular views. Built in 3 levels, the complex boasts some of the largest private terraces in Santorini.
I hope you'll enjoy Santorini as much as I did. An unforgettable summer vacation.

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