January 23, 2019 Metn Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Sarrouf Zalka: Saj and Poems for Breakfast
Non-smokers friendly
Morning Delights

I’ve been here in 2015 and now back to this amazing hole in the wall hidden bakery. I forgot about the bizarre decor making you feel in a gallery and the happy man baking Saj manakish begins the counter. The minute I had my first bite, I felt my world tremble. Delicious Saj manakish the world deserves to know about.


At Sarrouf, you’ll read on the walls that the food there is better than your mum's… It’s a small place, dimmed, dull and old but who cares... Food is exceptionally awesome. Come meet Joseph Sarrouf.

Joseph Sarrouf has been here since 1999, twenty years of happiness, music, smiles, and positivity. Come meet this guy who works calmly, satisfied with what God offered him.


On the road parallel to the Zalka highway is Sarrouf. If you’re on the highway, take the right at Haroun Hospital, follow the road facing the hospital entrance and you’ll find Sarrouf - a place where Joseph prepares Saj in a special way…

Read poems here and there, enjoy looking at the old furniture and pieces of art, open some discussions with Joseph and let him tell you stories of the Manouche.


I had everything from the menu, literally everything. I love the thin dough, the end note of sweetness, its lightness and the ingredients he adds to it. Try it with eggs, enjoy it with Picon cheese, zaatar with vegetables.

His signature is the dough: he stretches it with his hands, sticks it on the Saj while singing and talking with his guests.


Definitely, a place to try and discover... Joseph Sarrouf, Zalka internal road, +961 1 901357

Suitable For: Morning Delights





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