July 19, 2017

Scorpion: Exclusively the Hottest Tabasco Yet

Tabasco is introducing two new limited-edition hot sauces: Scorpion and Roasted Red Pepper.

The two new hot sauces are very different, with the Scorpion Sauce is way hotter than the Roasted Red Pepper Sauce and the latter of the two serving more as a savory condiment than as a hot sauce.

The Scorpion Hot Sauce is now the hottest pepper sauce available from the company is a combination of scorpion peppers blended with guava, pineapple and a dash of Tobasco Sauce makes for a tangy sauce with untamed heat and a touch of Caribbean sweetness. Not for the wary, this sauce is nearly 20-times hotter than our Original Red Sauce.

The Roasted Red Pepper Sauce, on the other hand, is made with slow-roasted Tabasco peppers, onions, basil and balsamic vinegar. The result is a rich, smoky sauce that has similar flavor notes to the Tabasco Chipotle Sauce, but with less raw heat, and is a great condiment, rather than just a source of spice.

These two new Tabasco Brand Small Batch Sauces are exclusively available on Tabasco’s website

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