April 05, 2015

Technology Has Taken Over Dinner Time

In today's world, every household seem to be suffering from lack of communication especially during meal time... Kids are either on their tablets laying games or watching their favorite show on TV... and the list goes on... Not to mention us adults who can't stop checking our mails or who liked our photo on Instagram... well you catch the drift... Anyway, the point is here that Daolmino has launched a new campaign to reclaim family dinnertime from technology, with help from agencies Clemenger BBDO Sydney, Pollen, Starcom and Ogilvy PR. They developed a Pepper Hacker that lets parents turn off Wi-Fi and mobile apps simply by cracking pepper with one twist.


The Dolmio Pepper Hacker was launched in Australia, where research has found that the average household owns around twelve devices or gadgets. It is becoming more difficult to connect with family members during mealtimes due to the distraction of technology. This is a problem worldwide...

The Dolmio Pepper Hacker looks like an ordinary pepper grinder from the outside, but actually has technology hidden inside that lets parents turn off Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones and even televisions for 30 minutes - all by simply twisting the grinder once. 

The Dolmio Pepper Hacker might not be available to every household yet but we believe that this experiment perfectly shows that once you disconnect from your technology at the dinner table you can really connect as a family.


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