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Semsom Lebanese Restaurant: A Lebanese Escape in Muscat, Oman!
Non-smokers friendly
Authentic & Traditional

Phone Number: +968 24 398718

Address: Muscat Grand Mall, 1st floor, Muscat, Oman

Website: https://www.facebook.com/SemsomOman/

Price Range: 15-40 $

Semsom: Flavors of Lebanon in Oman

I’ve been to Semsom Oman many times already, enjoying the experience and feeling like walking home! Today, I am trying the Muscat Grand Mall Branch.


Located on the first floor, next to other casual restaurants, the restaurant’s main branch consists of a large bar, surrounded with couches, wooden tables and relaxing chairs and a huge library decorated with Lebanese antiques. To the left, a long sofa follows the wall under a set of many pictures that would take you on a trip to Lebanon within seconds. Semsom also has a terrace for cool winter days.

The food, the smiles, the decorative details from the land of the Cedars, Semsom has been a Lebanese ambassador of the Lebanese cuisine in many countries already, and Oman is no exception.


Start with “Ya Hala bi Semsom,” Georgio’s wise smile, -manager of the Muscat Grand Mall branch-, he is so passionate about the brand and Lebanese cuisine in general spreading positive vibes around his teammates. Waiters from Lebanon, the Philippines, India, and Bangladesh, they all speak the language, language of Lebanese hospitality and happiness; the core of Semsom’s existence.

Then here comes the food! I absolutely love Semsom’s culinary journey, you can feel the love and passion poured into every plate; My favorite is the hummus! You have to try the hummus; garlic-free, smooth like ice-cream, the right balance of tahini and a zest of lemon. I can tell you that Semsom has one of the best hummus in the world after trying hundreds around the globe.

I continued with the tabbouleh, fattoush, Baba ghanouj and the famous freekeh salad everyone talks about; I could feel the smell of Lebanese villages in every bite.

The Manakish are awesome! Bakery quality, found in a restaurant; You can smell the fresh dough going out of the oven, especially if you are sitting next to the bar.


But what Semsom is known for, is “the twist”, “Lebanese with a twist”. The specialities are so good that many restaurants copies the concept for the last  decade or so. The special menu I’m talking about is filled with items combining different Lebanese staples: hummus with Zaatar and sumac, Shawarma bites, Osmalieh with cheese... and plenty of other surprising flavors that you cannot find anywhere else! The grills, the manakish, everything is really tasty; Chef Wissam, you rock!!!


I was happy, enjoying the moment, remembering my homeland... I had a smile on my face for two hours while feeling at home. I could have stayed for hours!

Wait! I didn’t tell you about the pomegranate juice. Yes, freshly squeezed pomegranate! Tastes like spring in a cup!

Semsom is proudly a Lebanese ambassador, I’ve been to many of their branches and always looking forward to trying new ones! From Lebanon to Muscat and the world, Lebanese cuisine should take over the world.

Suitable For: Authentic & Traditional





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