August 19, 2019 Shouf Lebanon Middle East

Shallalat Nabeh Merched: Excellent Lebanese Food Served in Paradise! A Must Try
Family Get Together


Welcoming: 5/5

Food Temperature: 10/10

Ambiance / Music: 10/10

Menu Choice: 5/5

Food Taste: 28/30

Architecture / Interior: 9/10

Food presentation: 9/10

Service: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10

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After the last visit to “Nabeh Merched” to film an episode, I promised to come again with my family. A little paradise on earth, in the heart of Lebanon’s greenest region, spending time with the family and enjoying a delicious bite was a must-do. I remember the sound of the waterfalls, the beautiful green facades, the running river, and their unique Lebanese food prepared with love. Coming back here was inevitable...


Yummy fries dipped in hummus, spicy and balanced Mouhammara, crunchy cheese rolls, flaky spinach fatayer, zesty tabbouleh, and the list goes on and on. I was happy precisely like the first time, feeling like leaving my phone away to enjoy a delicious Lebanese bite.

Try the Kebbeh Zghertewiyyeh, juicy inside out and made with minced meat and a tender envelope. The moist halloumi cheese, fingers grilled to perfection. The smell of grilling, the taste of milk and salt with a side of grilled cherry tomatoes.


Filet Merched is about a plate filled with thin slices of meat served with a siege of potato cubes. Super tender beef, extremely crunchy potatoes, marinated in their acidic sauce and decorated with green broccoli. Excellent quality and delicious food. Try the spicy potatoes without garlic; dip them in hummus and double the pleasure.

OMG! The cheese Maamoul is phenomenal! I literally screamed! A big-sized Maamoul looking like Kebbeh Zghertewiyyeh filled with molten cheese and soaked in sugar syrup. A thin dough, a bit biscuity embraces a savory chunk of cheese awaiting to come together with the sugar syrup to create a perfect blend. Yum!!!!


A memorable experience I’ll surely repeat.


Suitable For: Family Get Together





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