March 30, 2017

209: The Lebanese Wine Platform

In just five short months since its launch,, the first Lebanese-only wine platform, is revolutionizing the Lebanese wine retail industry. Named after the Pantone reference of the color shade of red wine, 209’s community platform is dedicated to putting Lebanese wine on every wine lover’s table – in Lebanon and abroad.

209 screen shot

From among thousands of website visitors, over 3,000 bottles of wine have been purchased, with more than 70% of customers preferring to pay online, a testament to the vast wine selection, trust, credibility and reliability of The company’s convenient online payment and delivery-to-door system ensures a standard two-days or an express same day delivery cycle anywhere in Lebanon.

As an omni-channel platform, 209 is dedicated to democratizing the consumption of Lebanese wine locally and internationally. Since its launch in late 2016, 209 has witnessed a high level of loyalty and returning customers indicating its value-added services are resonating with wine lovers. 209 offers an enhanced buying experience run by passionate and knowledgeable wine experts who store, deliver and serve wine under optimal conditions ensuring a top-quality end product.

209 is supporting the vibrant local wine industry by promoting the rich diversity of Lebanese wine, working directly with wineries across the country, and educating the community on different wine producing regions and local grape varieties.

The Lebanese wine industry produces approximately 8.5 million of bottles of wine annually. 209 aims to help boost local consumption of Lebanese wines by acting as an online sommelier, using a powerful search and recommendation engine to help consumers pick and purchase the best wine to suit their tastes, preferences and budget, and delivers choice straight to their doorstep.

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