October 24, 2020

Sip Your Way to Relaxation with Pepsico's Driftwell


PepsiCo, producer of caffeinated beverages like Pepsi and Mountain Dew, introduces Driftwell. The beverage was conceptualized before the COVID-19 crisis — since the need for sleep wellness or sleep hygiene has massively increased in the recent years—but the stress from the new normal has threatened sleep quality and made it more difficult to relax.


Driftwell is a non-carbonated water beverage that aims to calm nerves and induce peaceful slumbers. The drink contains 200 milligrams of L-theanine, an FDA-approved amino acid and supplement for relaxation, along with 10 percent of the daily requirement for magnesium. It tastes of blackberry and lavender, is also free of sugars and calories.

It is expected to launch online in the fourth quarter of 2020, before hitting shelves in early 2021.

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