September 06, 2013

Sohat Glass Bottles are Now Available in Restaurants Around Town

How many times have you heard me complain about those plastic bottles served especially when served in high end restaurants. One thing I can’t stand, well after garlic and onions, are those cheap plastic water bottles served in most restaurants; and I’m talking here about Restaurants and not Cafes… In all Fine Dining restaurants around the world, when everything is perfect from the cutlery to the plates,  professional service, premium food and an architecture that cost millions, something that kills all this luxury is a plastic bottle standing in the middle of the table like a bad ingredient.


A great initiative, indeed, has been made by Sohat, one of Lebanon’s popular water companies. Sohat has launched their new glass bottles taking a step forward in the water business. The new glass bottles are simple in design and straight to the point. Purity was the motto… Purity of life, purity of the source, purity of the water. Using the same Grotto logo, Sohat engraved it in a glass bottle and stuck on it is a transparent label with the ingredients and details of the product. Looking at it from a distance, you just enjoy the class immersing from this conical shape. First seen by the public at Horeca 2013, this new bottle has been finally released into the market. I was one of the first to witness it at "The Social" restaurant inside "The SmallVille" hotel in Badaro.

First published in April 2013

Sohat Launches New Glass Bottles: I Imagined it Differently

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