December 22, 2014 Badaro Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Spot French Cafe: Blend with the Neighborhood and Tickle your Palate

I have been to Spot before and here I am again, this time not for a complete review but a tasty discovery. They told me that I can find a very nice spicy cheese kaaka here.


In the middle of Badaro, before reaching Byblos bank, Spot is a small place named after the shop that was occupying the same spot. Inside is a coffee house selling some refreshments and coffee along with hotdogs, crepes, waffles and salads. Spot has been opened to cater to the environment, and sitting out on the sidewalk gives you a taste of the area. A calm neighborhood on a Saturday afternoon where a fresh breeze passed along the trees before caressing your face... it was so relaxing.

I enjoyed Spot French Cafe for its simplicity. The crepes are nice, the waffles are fresh and the items constituting the menu are interesting like the Lindt and orange crepe, the white crunch and caramel or even the Bonjus haram or the Tarboosh chocolate. 


The Kaaka, newly introduced on the menu:

  • Three pieces of Picon Emmental cream cheese, a spicy tomato sauce and a bun, a round bun that's heated, toasted and enjoyed as is.
  • This round kaaka, the kaaka asrouniya is not like the usual big one we know with a hole in the middle but smaller in size, a thicker in consistency.
  • I like it: covered with sesame, the toasted kaaka becomes tender, slightly crunchy on the sides while the cheese caresses your mouth mucosa sticking around. The normal taste of a traditional kaaka with an after and enjoyable note of spiciness. 


Other than that, I couldn't but try the latest creation. White crunch chocolate with caramel. A thin crepe, with a light crisp and a  thin filling of melted chocolate and warm caramel. Definitely an intense sweet taste but surely a certain finesse that made me say: "Mmm, interesting". Crunchy bits, white chocolate, sweetness, all that in a equilibrated crepe dough.

Down in Badaro, I always come here for the simplicity of this cafe where Alain, prepares the food himself while keeping a smile on his face. If you're a cigar lover, ask him to sit with you, you'll surely share with him the same passion and learn some new interesting things.

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