July 04, 2014 Zahle Bekaa Lebanon Middle East

Bouzat el Berdawni: Zahle's Living Tradition
Sweet Tooth

Berdawni isn't only about Casino Arabi and Casino Mhanna, it’s also about the tastiest ice cream in Zahle and the famous Semsmieh. Visiting Zahle for a food discovery, specifically some sweet treats.

Located in the heart of Zahle's famous tourist district, Khalaf and Abou Sleiman is known for offering fine premium ice cream using the freshest of ingredients, all natural and without a prominent sugary flavor. The shop was opened in 1948 and is owned by Mr. Walid Khalaf and Mr. Chukry Abou Sleiman and is known as Al Berdawni ice cream.

Tasting started with an ashta ice cream, which I also had in Tripoli. Zahle produces some fine Ashat as well, smooth, fresh and tasty. The ashta was abnormally cold, trapping a certain freshness I've never seen before in an ice cream. Even though containing mastic, it's not too elastic but tastes of really intense cream while the crushed pistachio added on top adds this subtle, enjoyable crunchiness. Rose water, musk and sahlab stambouli help this ice cream become unique. They only use goat milk and that’s the secret. The best part is the ice cream is the sweetness, that's just perfect.
After that, I ordered the mixed fruit flavor: "Mchakkal fwekeh". Every flavor is unique on its own, bringing through the real fruit used to produce these fine, cold treats. No pretension or attempts to modernize the ice cream, it’s an authentic oriental recipe, it’s what people come here for, and it works.I loved it and can safely say that Al Berdawni ice cream is one of the country's finest.
Plan your day in Zahle, and after having lunch at one of the famous Lebanese restaurants, make it a point to visit this place for a some good refreshing ice cream.

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