August 14, 2019 Athens Greece Europe

Stani: Traditional Greek Yogurt Since 1931
Non-smokers friendly
Authentic & Traditional

Famous since 1931, Stani is where you can have a traditional Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts. Old on all fronts, decor, and menu, the place is not your fancy restaurant but more of a cafe for a quick taste of the local traditions.


I couldn’t but order a Millefeuille, a big cube displayed in the fridge. Crème chantilly in the outside, crème pâtissière on the inside spread on three layers. The yogurt I came for is extremely sour topped with sweet honey and sprinkled with crunchy walnuts. It’s good, as good as it should be, a tradition one should try. I didn’t feel the amazement I expected...


One iconic stop whenever in Athens...

Marikas Kotopouli 10, Athina 104 32, Greece

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Suitable For: Authentic & Traditional


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