April 28, 2020

LABNEH: I Like to Call it "Lebanese White Gold". 80 Plates to Enjoy!

Today is Labneh day, Lebanon’s white gold. An international favorite, lately recognized and appreciated, sold at supermarkets in the UK, France, USA and more. It’s not Greek Yogurt, it’s Lebanon’s LABNEH!


Labneh, a tangy, thick, creamy yogurt cheese. Serve it Middle Eastern-style as a dip with lots of olive oil and a sprinkle of good Za’atar. Or simply use it in place of cream cheese. Tangy, thick, and creamy, labneh is basically yogurt cheese, the Lebanese way. Just like Greek yogurt, it is made by straining yogurt until it loses most of its liquid. If you think of Greek yogurt as strained yogurt, labneh is extra strained  yogurt.


Like most Middle Eastern foods, labneh is extremely good for you. Apart from being an important source of protein, labneh is considered a probiotic food, meaning that it is high in a range of healthy bacteria that help to boost your immune system.


High Protein Content May Offer Several Benefits: Like other types of cheese, labneh offers a hearty dose of protein for a low number of calories, with about 5 grams of protein in 28 grams of Labneh. At about half the fat and calories of standard cream cheese, it's a healthier alternative. Though traditionally made from cow's milk yogurt, it is possible to turn some nondairy yogurts such as coconut and soy into labneh.




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