September 18, 2016 Egypt Middle East

Studio Masr Cairo: Below Average Food
Casual Dining

Studio Masr is a name inspired by the famous Egyptian studio that produces the famous local movies. Created in 1935, the restaurant using he same name followed in 1996 serving local and Middle Eastern specialities and grills.


Located on the right wing of the Nile City boat, Studio Masr welcomes you in an American diner style restaurant yet serving local specialities. A low ceiling, a view on the Nile, walls decorated with old portraits and a middle island where waiters gather. A menu inspired by the photos and sections of Chili's is printed in Arabic.

On the menu you can find a selection of soups, cold starters, hot starters, combo appetizers, side orders, special salads, fatteh, oriental choices, the grill, meat platters, chicken platters, tajen and desserts.

I'm not sure if it's even worth it to describe the food! Dramatic... Far from the what Middle Eastern food is known for.

Suitable For: Casual Dining


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