December 29, 2013 Achrafieh Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Swirlyz ... The Original Funnel Cake Now in ABC Achrafieh (Closed)

Some concepts are created out of no where, where others and developed because the market has a niche somewhere that needs filling, and in some other cases, concepts are introduced just out of satisfying your own cravings - an idea or taste you've loved when you were a kid and miss so dearly today - now that you're all up.

"Swirlyz" came about when two friends were reminiscing about their sweetest childhood food memories. Growing up in the United States, and spending time every week-end going to the Boardwalk or the Amusement Park, the discovery of this dessert was one of the highlights of summer. One of the highlights that stood out the most was the "Funnel Cake", a hot, crispy, dessert dusted with powdered sugar. Hearing about the idea I rushed down to ABC Achrafieh, where a nicely fresh setup welcomes you in white, orange and yellow colors. I like the logo and the colorful simple setup and wanted to know more... I wasn't the only one, a number of people big and small surround the kiosk style eatery, intrigued to taste one of those circular shaped cake. The concept behind "Swirlyz" is to introduce the original Funnel Cake to Beirut and the rest of the Middle-East and beyond, so people can experience the magic of childhood and to savor the unique taste and shape of this all time American favorite, without having to visit a Fair or an Amusement Park. Swirlyz_ABC_Achrafieh53 Good to know:

  • The name Swirlyz is inspired by Swirl, which means to move with a twisting or whirling motion - the same movement the batter is poured into a funnel
  • The name Funnel cake is inspired the by the funnel used to create the circular shape. The funnel is placed in hot oil, while batter is poured in a swirling motion, then removed
  • Every 15cm deep-fried dough is 300 calories, excluding the topping
  • I like the taste, it's interesting. You don't see any oily glaze, the taste in non-oily, it's crunchy from the outside and soft from the inside.
  • Every prepared funnel cake is placed on a plate covered with a nicely printed paper and served
  • Variety of toppings are served

I loved:

  • The Nutella dip is great. Who doesn't love Nutella after all?
  • What's even better is the savory Swirly covered with your choice of Zaatar or Sumac. Zaatar is better paired with Labneh and Sumac with Cream cheese. Simply WAW! A perfect breakfast idea


This is how Swirlyz started: over friendship, food memories, and a love for all things sweet in life!


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