August 19, 2014

Taste&Flavors: Finding the Lost Bread... Lebanon's Finest

Some culinary traditions live on and over the years move on to different parts of the world. In our dear Lebanon, we have been heavily influenced by French traditions, naturally so, look back into history… and some of these traditions have found their way into a number of dishes that have become classics in different households, restaurants, cafes…And a good example is pain perdu. NoGarlicNoOnions_Taste_Flavors_MagazineIMG_3625 Pain perdu, a simple French toast, is a prime example and has become one of the most popular desserts in Lebanon. With its French translation, pain perdu is “lost bread” – the tastiest way to reclaim any loaf bread lost to day-old staleness.  The recipe has been interpreted into countless sweet, fruit-filled versions, served in a bowl or plate… but I had to pick out the best out there… NoGarlicNoOnions_Taste_Flavors_MagazineIMG_3628 NoGarlicNoOnions_Taste_Flavors_MagazineIMG_3629

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