March 20, 2018 Egypt Middle East

The Business Lounge: Cairo International Airport

Take a long corridor, pass security, follow another corridor, enter a small door and reach a big room surrounded by several rooms. An empty display fridge, dimmed lights, a scary room where a dozen employees shout like if they were playing hide and seek. Continue your road throw one more door and reach the lounge; what a lounge! Dark, dimmed, a low ceiling, a duty free shop and a food display. It felt scary so I left immediately.


What I didn’t understand is that nobody took my lounge invitation, no one greeted me, a dozen rooms with waiters waiting to have their share of the tips, no signage, no respect and no professionalism.

The food display is another story; a dirty and unappetizing food display covered with nylon and used plastic, one apple and a selection of sandwiches. There is more smoking in this lounge than at a shisha lounge, rooms for smoking but who cares anyway, all doors are open.

The lack of light, the old big leather sofas, the security and staff without uniforms made want to run!

Unprofessional and badly managed, the lounge is not a place you want to visit when traveling business class through Cairo’s international airport.





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