July 06, 2012

The Highest Restaurant on Earth
Fine Dining

The highest restaurant in the world opened its doors in Dubai last year, promising "the world's best dining out experience."

Occupying the 122rd floor of Dubai's enormous Burj Khalifa tower, at an altitude of 442 meters "At.mosphere" is the latest record-breaker from the Emirate. At the top of a 57-second elevator ride, the restaurant is split into two levels, a top-notch grill which offers grilled, broiled or baked options, and the At.mosphere lounge which "serves as an ideal stopover for a light lunch or even an afternoon tea." House specialities recommended by At.mosphere's executive chef Dwayne Cheer include foie gras and beef tartare, but don't think that's all you'll be having - there's reportedly a minimum spend of Dh450 per person in the restaurant and Dh200 in the lounge.
New Zealand chef Dwayne Cheer is currently in charge of the restaurant At.mosphere, located at the top of the world’s highest building. Operating on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai, Dwayne has certainly gone up in the world since he graduated with a certificate in catering from UCOL in 1998. The open-show kitchen outlet uses the Josper grill oven - a closed BBQ dual oven powered by Binchutan charcoal designed in Spain. The grill, chic and luxurious in design - with calm shades of amethyst and cocoa and rich textures of leather and velvet - can seat 80 and includes a private dining room with a Chef’s Table for 12.
Adorned in mahogany walls and ceilings, Adam Tihany furnishings, and floors of café au lait limestone and hand-tufted carpet, At.mosphere also features a stunning beverage display and cellar. In addition to views of the city, the outlet also offers stunning vistas of The Dubai Fountain, the world’s tallest performing fountain.
It will surely be my first stop on my next trip to Dubai.
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