April 20, 2020

The Future and Weirdness Of Surviving In Hospitality!

(Article published on Linkedin by Akram Safi)

The current landscape for hotels, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops is boiling down to a single word: adaptation.

As most countries have implemented social distancing, the food and beverage industry is going through tough times which helped the delivery service to take place.

Those that remain in operation (mainly catering) continue to adapt or adjust to new business models. This shows the importance of restaurants’ online platforms. This is the best time to get your brand online and try to acquire new future regulars.

As people continue to work remotely, they’re spending more time in front of their computers and mobiles so the rise of the following question: how can you promote your concept or brand and drive more revenue? It all starts with your website. Right!

I spoke with a friend in a leading digital agency to get some tips and insights into digital marketing for restaurants and we looked into a few tangible ways to optimize your strategy and increase your visibilty.

1 - Market your business right now because all eyes are on the internet, it will be visible more than ever.

2 - Implement ways to talk to your audience to drive their interest when you re-open.

3 - Update your guests, what’s going on in your restaurant (your menu offerings, catering deals, etc) using your website and social media.

4 - Make sure all your information is up to date across all of your marketing outreach channels.

5 - Be clear to your guests about your services on your website homepage and do not forget to check your mobile homepage, too!

By hilighting, promoting and communicating the latest happenings and offers in your restaurant you will help the increase in your online orders and conversions, ensuring your business continues to succeed in difficult times.

It’s time for us to meet people where they are, not where we wish they’d be, so they feel heard and seen. Since we don’t know when this time of uncertainty and discomfort shall end, we will work to implement new services.

It’s not always easy!

I believe when we always help each other we can all thrive and evolve. Life is so rich.

Stay Safe Everyone! (photocredit@ivarkvaal)

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