February 03, 2017 Egypt Middle East

The Gabriel Boutique Hotel, Cairo

Tonight we sleep at the Gabriel Cairo. At first I thought it was the same Gabriel we have in Beirut. But it wasn't. Although it boasts the same name, the logo is different. It's a boutique hotel within a mall. It's a beautiful hotel where you can enjoy some calmness through its long corridor, spacious rooms, a restaurant with lounge seating and all the needed amenities to spend a pleasant night.


The entrance of the hotel is hidden in the huge mall. Go up the elevator to the first floor and you'll find a corridor that will take you to the lobby. You'll see a restaurant on the left side, some huge sofas and a door which takes to the rooms. Not too private to say the least...

Pass through a long corridor... The rooms are behind this door. Use an electronic card and enjoy enough lights, some old style chandeliers, glass and crystals until you reach the large room, which looks more of a suite. A relaxing king size bed, a walk-in closet, a spacious bathroom, LCD television, working desk and a seating corner.


What I loved about the room was its warmth, it's nice colors, relaxing carpet, the wide window and a whole walk-in closet. Slippers, bathrobe, a safe and many bottles of shampoo. I didn't see any other bathroom amenities though.

I'm not sure if they serve breakfast or not as we left the next morning without being proposed anything to eat or drink. I didn't smell anything being cooked... like I usually do in most hotels in the morning.

Check out the photos and see for yourself, it's an interesting choice to consider.

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