November 29, 2015 Oman GCC Middle East

The Hummus Games at Semsom, Oman

After witnessing the Hummus games of Lebanon where more than 25 bloggers competed to produce the best hummus, I was invited by Semsom to attend the Hummus Games of Oman and I'm happy to have attended the event.


Local bloggers and journalists gathered at 6pm for the Games. There was a selection of spices and ingredients one would mix to create a new version of that classic dish with a twist that will be featured on Semsom's menu around the Middle East.

20 spices, Laban, olives, chatta, mustard, raisins, pine nuts, sumac, sesame and pistachio among many others, all displayed in bowls. Apples, bananas, pomegranate, cucumbers, lemon and oranges, carrots, zucchini, bell pepper, vegetables and legumes, there was a lot of variety.

What I love about the Hummus Games is the spirit and positive vibes, a competition where bloggers and journalists gather to compete in peace, giving the best they have to impress. 

The winner was an avocado hummus which will make it onto Semsom's menus in November and be known as the Muscat Hummus. I was happy to be here and meet my fellow bloggers from the Gulf.

Watch the video and enjoy the vibes.

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