April 02, 2015

The Making of Chocolate Easter Eggs

I met Pierre Abi Haila while visiting Sydney's last year, a young chef with a passion for the world of pastry and chocolate... A while after, our paths crossed again at Le Salon du Chocolat in BIEL, where he mentioned about his new atelier opening in Broumana.

It's Easter and what better time to discover more chocolates... Pierre welcomed me into his atelier "Le Noir" in Broumana  to work alongside with him to prepare some chocolate eggs we all wait for after lent... not to mention year after year.  

This pastry chef, with his unmatched passion, uses Valhrona chocolate to prepare his creations. Check out the video for more information about this meticulous process into the world of chocolate easter eggs.

Le Noir, Atelier de Chocolat, Broumana, Rizk Centre +961 3 039219

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