April 10, 2017 New York USA Americas

The Milk Bar New York: The Famous Soft Serve Cereal

I passed by it twice but it wasn't until I saw someone eating ice cream on the sidewalk that I noticed The Milk Bar, which has changed its location since the last time I was here. Momofuku is a company that has several restaurants, including this milk bar and other noodle stores and Asian concepts. The milk bar is a famous entity many talk about.


A hole in the wall, The Milk Bar is found on 246 Mott St, New York, NY 10012.

Cookies, pies, breads, drinks and soft serve, the menu is complicated until I asked for the famous cereal ice cream with Cornflakes on top.


Soft cream in a cup: cornflake-flavored ice cream covered with more crunchy flakes, gives a taste of the morning like cold milk and that famous cereal. Concentrated soft ice cream that feels like a cup of milk with those crunchy crumbs on top, which are not like the normal flakes we know but harder and crunchier, adding a light hint of saltiness to the mix. This Ice Cream indeed deserves the hype around it.


Honestly, this ice cream is to die for. Unique of its kind, it's a must when visiting New York.


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