March 22, 2015 South Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Faysalieh from Al Shareq Sweets: An Ultimate Pleasure
Sweet Tooth Authentic & Traditional

It is indeed a piece of wonder, a mouthwatering novelty, a sweet bite… it is a creation, which once you’ve tried, will make you drive all the way down to Nabatieh to have some. What am I talking about? 


I am talking about Faysaliyeh which can be found at Al Shareq Sweets, Nabatieh, South Lebanon. 

The Faysaliyeh is a triangular shaped oriental sweet made of a vermicelli paste embracing a load of pistachio. A bite, another and a third, I finished one, continued to the second and I couldn’t find a way to stop. Trust me, they are like nothing you have tried before. 

The Faysaliyeh is unique and fresh and stays that way for more than a month if preserved properly. It is not soaked too much in sugar syrup so the sweet flavor is just right. It’s fresh, tasty and crunchy and doesn't feel heavy on the tummy.

Feel the crunch of the layers (3ajinet el 3ismallieh) crumble under your teeth before reaching the tasteful pistachios that are left in full shape. Close your eyes and enjoy a light taste of sweetness, extreme crunchiness and pure pleasure.


Al Shareq Sweets also has a shop in Beirut. Believe me, you must try these unique bites!

Nabathieh, +961 7 793 345





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