September 11, 2023

The Most Common Slip Hazards for Restaurants

Awareness of the most common slip hazards for restaurants helps those working or eating in restaurants to stay on their feet and avoid painful falls.

It doesn’t matter if you are a patron or an employee; slipping in a restaurant is far too frequent. The worst part about these tumbles is they are easily preventable if you make an effort to prevent them. Knowing the most common slip hazards for restaurants helps you focus on the most problematic areas to ensure everyone stays upright.

Parking Lot

Several potential hazard areas exist outside of the restaurant itself. Many people hurt themselves by slipping and falling in restaurant parking lots. Whether from black ice or a slight pothole, falls can be likely and dangerous, especially for older patrons.

If the winter weather usually turns your parking lot into a skating rink, get on top of it this year. Stock up on deicers and road salt. Additionally, hire pavement services to fill in and smooth out any imperfections in your lot.

Dim Lighting

Many eateries dim the lights to set the mood for a pleasant dining experience. However, tripping and falling are risky when the lights are too low. Restaurants with dark floors, for instance, should compensate for dim lighting by adding enough step lighting.

Dim illumination also reduces your ability to perceive spilled beverages or other potentially hazardous items on the floor. Therefore, poor illumination may introduce or exacerbate the risk of slipping or tripping.

Slippery When Wet

With the number of beverages served in a restaurant, there is bound to be some liquid that makes its way to the floor. Furthermore, an accident is almost inevitable when you factor in the low illumination and the unnoticeable liquid on the floor.

Soups, beverages, oils, juices, and other liquids may also provide a slipping danger. One of the most common causes of slips in restaurants is the accidental spilling of ice in a high-traffic area. Even when the ice melts from the machine, it can leave a puddle on the floor, making it very easy to slide and fall.

Anyone who works in a restaurant must be vigilant about liquids becoming a problem. Investing in rubber mats is a great idea, as two of the perks of rubber floor mats for your commercial kitchen are preventing falls and controlling spills. Also, immediately act on any slipping hazard and keep people away from it. The patrons and your coworkers will thank you for your efforts.

Mushy Food

The floor will inevitably be a hot spot for spilled food, along with liquids. While it won’t work quite like banana peels in Mario Kart, losing footing is easy if you take an unfortunate step on mashed potatoes from a kid’s plate. If it’s soft and slick, it might cause even the steadiest of feet to slide with the wrong shoes on a slippery surface.

The most common slip hazards for restaurants can be few and far between if you take the proper precautions. Make sure your restaurant’s parking lot, lighting, and spill control are all optimized to prevent slips and falls.

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