December 14, 2017

There's a New Food Box in Town: SAMRA

There's a new Box in town, it's called SAMRA!

A bit curious and a little adventurous, we are a small group of people who like to rethink food combinations, integrating modern lifestyle aspirations into well-proven cuisine traditions. The delicacies we bring you carry with them secrets of our home kitchen, where they are invented and reinvented into delectable recipes. Although we come up every time with a sophisticated product, we always use the natural way and the natural ingredient to do it, never infringing the sacred rules of nature in the process nor the outcome. Our kitchen capacity is limited to small batches of new delicacies we are releasing to you as we go, never giving up the compulsion to surprise ourselves and friends with unexpected culinary experiences.


What's inside:

  • Apple Mint Jelly - 1 Jar, 235g
  • Banana Rum Jam - 1 Jar, 235g
  • Lemon Marmalade - 1 Jar, 235g
  • Marinated Kechek - 1 Jar, 250g
  • Marinated Pimiento - 1 Jar, 250g
  • Infused Vodka - 1 Bottle, 300ml
  • Salted Crackers - 10 Pieces, 110g
  • Seaweed Salt - 1 Jar, 75g
  • Chocolate Mellow Bars - 2 Bars, 50g each
  • Ginger Cookies - 10 Cookies, 80g
  • Winter Spice Tea - Sachet for 4, 45g
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