March 02, 2016

Mother's Day, Easter, Springtime & Joy; The 13th Edition of the Box is Out (Product Discontinued)

This month we would like to take a moment to say thank you for being a part of the Box this past year.

Yes, a whole year has gone by since we first started The Box. We can't even believe it.

More than 200 unique products have been delivered to your doorsteps and trust us there is much more out there just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed by each one of you. For the past year, NoGarlicNoOnions has been touring around the Lebanese villages searching for the best products out there made by local artisans and intricate craftsmen. 

We couldn't have succeeded without you... Each one of you out there who have helped change lives. 

We have bought more than 250 products which mean 32,000 items from more than a hundred institutions supporting thousands of families. 

The Box creates change, a positive one and you are part of it. Thank you.

We have more to celebrate this March. We are excitingly celebrating life, warmth, flowers, colors and happiness… 

It's a special month... not only because it's been a year since we first started the Box, but also we rejoice Springtime, we celebrate Mother's Day, Teacher's Day and Easter...  It's inevitable that our March BOX is celebrating life and more... It's all worth the wait this time and every time...


What’s inside the March edition of The Box:

Oven glove from Wahat al Farah, Bekfatine, Koura, North LBP20,000: Protect your hands with this oven glove, handmade by the children at Wahat al Farah. What al Farah receives children with special needs (mental disability, brain paralysis) between 4 and 14 years of age, from different confessions and different regions of the north. The center provides educational rehabilitation for children and develops their self-independence by raising their awareness on daily life issues and introducing them to the world, as well as their social independence through social integration and follow-up. Handmade with insulation material and printed with our logo, this glove will keep us on your mind.

Lavender Bag by Rural Delights Cooperative, Tannourine LBP8,000: It’s also called Sachet, this bag is filled with fresh lavender, handpicked by the ladies of Rural Delights Cooperative in the region of Tannourine, North Lebanon. Those scented sachets are best hung in your closets and cupboards or left in travel bags.

Roots Honey Whiskey, Riachi Winery, Khonchara, Metn LBP20,000: The Riachi family is one of the first to establish a winery/distillery in Lebanon & sell their products. Moses Riachi, started the tradition in 1839. Roots Honey Whiskey is a classic liqueur made from sweet blonde honey and fine malt whiskey. An interesting blend that’s locally produced to impress.

Sour Grape Juice, Adonis Valley, Fatri, Jbeil LBP11,000: Early summer, the juice of un-matured grapes is boiled and reduced to form a concentrate. It has high acidic taste and in the old times, it was used as a replacement of lemon juice especially in the mountains. Adonis Valley aims at protecting the environment and preserving the Lebanese Food heritage through sustainable agricultural means of production. Adonis Valley is an inspirational natural and cultural landmark of Lebanon located in Fatri.

Organic Tomato Puree, Adonis Valley LBP8,000: This passata di pomodorro is a plain tomato sauce without any additions. It is made from organically grown plum tomatoes and used as a rich base for pizza, pasta and other Mediterranean stews. To tailor on your taste, condiments and vegetables can be added to your own sauce.

Homemade Peanut Butter by J Jar, Ain Saade LBP12,000: J Jar is a business Jessy started from home. She produces more than 10 different kinds of spreads between sweet and savory each with accurate nutritional facts printed on every jar. It is a great way to entertain your guests with a delicious tapenade.

Tomato Makdous, Oum Ali from Souk el akel LBP8,000: Usually, Makdous is oil cured eggplants, tiny, tangy eggplants stuffed with walnuts, red pepper, garlic, olive oil and salt. Oum Ali has created a gourmet and different aversion of it without the eggplants. This tomato makdous is to die for. Spotted at Souk el Akel, this innovation made us drool. You meet people sometimes who strongly affect you one-way or another… Oum Ali is one such person. Em Ali made me fall in love with Saj wraps. Her wraps are rich in white cheese mix with fresh thyme, labneh, spices, keshek… Simple as her wraps may sound, the intensity of good taste comes a surprise in every bite. This month, Oum Ali has prepared some delicious food in a jar.

Thank you Mum, a decorative frame by Made to Frame LBP18,000; Made to frame is a group of passionate artists narrating their unique stories through their frames. They believe that your story is important and worth telling, that's why they’ll help you create it and frame it. What better way to say thank you to your mother.

Meringue Cookies by Curli.Q LBP7,500: Airy and light, crunchy and pure, those meringues are addictive. Are you ready to start cause you won’t be able to stop once the first crumbles under your teeth. Meringues are made of egg whites and sugar.

Chocolate eggs from Rue Chocolat, Adma LBP36,000: I was lately introduced to Rue Chocolat, a chocolate atelier producing some delicious jewels. A classy box filled with a selection of treats, that’s why we chose them to be part of our Easter box with those mouthwatering chocolate eggs. A selection for the family’s different tastes.

E.A.T (Elia’s Amazing Treats), Chocolate cookies LBP10,000: As simple as they look, those cookies crumble under your teeth leaving an enjoyable afternoon of chocolate. Elia has lately joined Souk el Akel preparing oven cooked falafel in a cup as well as dessert bites in cups as well.

Al Rifai Cashew Truffles LBP15,500: Open the lid and smell the freshness, saltiness and light faded truffle aroma. Crunch into the first one where all those hidden flavors erupt at once creating an interesting journey around your palate. Beautifully salted with notes of black truffles. Indeed, a fine dining preparation that fits a pre-dinner drink.

Equia Rice Cakes LBP5,000; Proudly made in Lebanon, those products honestly amazed me. The quality, the packaging and taste are just perfect. Rice cakes and the rice cakes with chocolate are amazing. I honestly didn’t expect a product as good as this one to be Lebanese. Crunchy rice with a layer of intense chocolate. Swiss made chocolate with 38% of cocoa and no added sugar. Delicious indeed.

Jazarieh from Tripoli LBP15,000: If you’ve been following our discoveries for the last years, you’ll eventually know that this treat at Nouh El Haddad is one of favorites. I went to Tripoli more then a dozen times already for a gooey halawat riz with astha stuffed inside. Not only that but this place also has one of the country’s best Jazarieh! We went all the way to Tripoli to get them for you. The term “jazarieh” comes from “jazar” or carrots in Arabic due to the resemblance with the carrot slices preserve because of the orange color. However, it’s made of pumpkin.

Boecker Public Health is the Middle East largest Pest Management group providing World Class pest control, pest management, professional disinfecting, and pest control equipment & chemicals. Founded in 1993, Boecker provides World Class quality services for commercial & residential clients including Pest Management, Food Safety Training & Consulting, Fumigation & Heat Treatment as well as professional disinfecting services. Boecker’s offices are active in Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan and Nigeria. Thanks to Boecker our offices and Souk are always controlled.

A Treat for your mum from Cookielicious Hamra LBP16,000: Cookielicious is more than a cookie shop, a place I discovered last year, prepares well textured and beautifully balanced cookies. This year, they’re sending you some love notes in a box, a package you can share with your mum.


Unwrap The Box and enjoy this month handpicked selection. You have received goods with a market value of LBP210,000

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