September 11, 2022

Travel Industry: Corporate Housing Making a Difference

Many American workers fly and travel domestically every year. While the number of corporate travelers has increased recently, the idea of a work trip is not new.

What has changed, then? In recent years, there have been an unprecedented amount of housing options, which often overwhelm business travelers when booking trips. Corporate leaders increasingly resort to corporate rentals to address their short-term housing demands.

What Is Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing, also defined as serviced apartments, is rented accommodation that is completely furnished. It's a short-term rental property with essential services and facilities, including a laundry machine, dryer, house cleaner, and fully equipped kitchen. Flats and apartments mostly incorporate corporate housing, with typical stays extending from two to twelve weeks.

Corporate housing rentals offer flexible options for two to three months. The time limit can increase for regular business trips.

You should, however, expect a minimum stay of 2 weeks to a month in corporate housing, depending on the situation.

Who Utilizes Corporate Houses?

For business travelers, corporate housing is a better choice. Businesses use corporate housing to prepare teams for a project in a different area. On the other hand, corporate housing companies are now meeting the demands of those looking for medium-term housing.

Other than work travel, state employees appreciate the corporate housing options. They are accommodating for the moving staff. According to the research, relocation is a critical factor in employees extending their tenure in corporate housing.

Even adventurers who stay in a city for a more extended period favor corporate accommodation. The tenants briefly rent corporate apartments to check out the area or look for a new home. People can enjoy their time without difficulty because they are not obligated to buy or rent immediately.

For instance, who wants to spend more money on a hotel suite when they may experience the comfort of corporate housing?

In other words, corporate apartments for rent allow clients to relax and enjoy themselves without worrying about the high expenditures associated with hotel stays or furnished homes.

The corporate housing facilities provide extras like a cooking area, a pool, a gym, etc. But, it's essential to understand that staying in corporate accommodation is less expensive than staying in a hotel.

Demand for Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is usually compared with service apartments. The only distinction is that corporate housing offers completely furnished short-term dwelling and is generally appropriate for long-term rental terms.

Corporate housing is becoming increasingly popular, especially among business travelers, as its advantages become more vivid day by day. In the USA, corporate housing growth is comparatively rapid.

It doesn't matter if you're in the military, on an extended business trip, or in the entertainment sector. Suppose you are searching for corporate housing in Chicago - a major commercial center in the Midwest and a preference for several essential industries, with a corporate housing company, they can handle all the details necessary to secure your rental apartment.

According to a survey published in 2018, the average cost of corporate housing grew by 7.1% in the USA in 2017. Both investors and clients will find the chance and conveniences of these spaces to enjoy a cozy and extended stay.


Consider corporate apartment leasing a great option also to the corporate need of business travelers and staff moving. They consider it to be an All-In-One payment residence.

Many potential tenants, such as people affected by natural disasters, homeowners renovating their homes, and international students, have made it possible for investors to take advantage of the situation and generate income in the form of monthly rentals for the coming years.

Corporate housing is yielding enormous rewards for landlords all across the nation, whether you have a single property, a whole apartment building, or several residences. Property owners can rent to corporate housing rather than to the general public. Did you know that many families took a right decision: why people are relocating to Olive Branch? Olive Branch is a northern Mississippi city located right on the Mississippi-Tennessee border. Although this Memphis suburb is home to over 40K, it is still pleasantly rural with a tight-knit community feel. Perfect for families for its high-performing schools and family-centered amenities and spaces, Olive Branch also boasts a historic downtown mixed with new residential developments for anyone interested in shopping Olive Branch real estate.

Corporate housing is an excellent perk for individuals joining the business. Litigation and its accompanying issues are decreased thanks to the market interacting directly with accommodation agents. Additionally, it provides investors with a trustworthy choice because there are no issues with payments.

Moreover, they aid the client in avoiding the constrained lodging spaces hotels offer. As a result, they are now presented with a fantastic choice. For individuals traveling, the living spaces offered by corporate housing also create a perfect temporary work area.

Ultimately, apartments will soon dominate the real estate market and provide everyone with a fantastic investment opportunity.

User Appeal

The way corporate housing draws clients is what has led to its expansion. Undoubtedly, furnished flats have many advantages. Some crucial areas foster the client's stay like shared amenities, exclusive kitchen, laundry, housekeeping and all other comforts of home.

Prolonged Stay

Corporate rental apartments don't have a time limit on stays like hotel stays do. Although the corporate housing business had before permitted long-term accommodation of at least 30 days, the providers are now more welcoming.

They are developing 14-day short-term renting solutions for guests, and pets are getting more welcome too. Corporate apartment leasing is now much more accommodating for visitors and is offered in various settings to meet every need and convenience.


It can be very costly for anyone to stay at a hotel for an extended time. Additionally, the space won't be enough if you are taking your family on a trip. In these situations, corporate housing offers a reasonably priced option to enjoy your stay for a set amount of time.

Moreover, you will receive all the necessities required to conduct your everyday activities in the lodging without difficulty.

Personal Privacy

Since corporate housing is typically found in outlying areas, it offers visitors a quiet setting to unwind throughout their stay. The result is that customers may relax in peace and have a wonderful stay while embracing the amenities, as opposed to the standard and hectic hotel experience.


The architecture of the apartments is such that there is plenty of room for visitors. Luxury contributes to improving the user experience and giving them elegance. Thus, corporate housing is ideal for relaxing and working without stress.


Taking care of your staff, who are your most precious asset, is essential as an employer.

There are several significant advantages to working with corporate housing companies that have access to homes across the country. One of these advantages is knowing that, regardless of the place you are visiting, you can count on receiving the same extraordinary quality of customer care and a home away from home experience.  

Corporate housing providers are fully aware of what is required to efficiently house and help the movement of today's corporate executives.

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