May 01, 2013

Trongs: Eat Messy Food Without the Mess

In the mood for some chicken wings but worried about the messy part of it... It happens to most of us. We often crave eating some messy types of food but avoid it all together because we're in no mood to get our hands messy.


Here's where Trongs come is handy. These little plastic finger tripods are designed to keep fingers clean when eating messy foods.


These multi-purpose gadgets are designed to stand like tri-pods, so they are easy to pick up and put back down. The can be used to eat anything, maybe give some to guests at a dinner part home to eat some vegetables bites; ideal for pizza nights and maybe it can also be used to eat sushi... They are used to eat messy foods without the mess. Trongs are also great for food prep, such as breading chicken cutlets.


Trongs are little plastic finger tripods designed to keep fingers clean when eating messy foods.

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