March 14, 2019 Batroun North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Villa Paradiso Hotel Batroun: I Love it Here!

Whether you're in the mood for eggs, manakish, dairy, homemade jams or a fruit parfait, at Villa Paradiso you start your day off right with a delicious breakfast made with fresh and organic ingredients.


Being in the north sector of the old city, Villa Paradiso Batroun is only a few meters away from the majestic Saint Stephen and Saint George cathedrals. Northwest, lies the north harbor of the old Phoenician city, less than 100 meters away, today developed into one of Lebanon's biggest fishing ports. The property is a cluster of indoor and outdoor spaces built with the local Ramli (sand) stones that originate from Batroun's ground. The old city is famous for its so-called "Phoenician Wall", natural rampart created by the millennial excavation of the Ramli monolith on which it sits.


The ground floor of the mansion itself is characteristic of the city's Ottoman times, due to the typical architectural features of that era, such as the arched vaults, the pebble paved streets, and the rather chaotic urban layout. The original upper floor had collapsed more than 80 years ago, it was replaced in the 1960s by a rather quickly done construction without any remarkable architectural features.


The rooms' amenities and decoration details have been created with the personal touch of Remi, architect, and winner of Prix Versailles 2017, and Rita his sister, art & design lover... be it the custom made furniture & lighting fixtures, the traditional ironmongery & carpentry techniques, the up-cycled bed headboards, and bathroom mirrors & vanities, or the original and unique artworks on the walls Every room bears witness of the care & attention that are given to its identity, for the guests highest experience of refinement and authenticity. In parallel to their artistic signature, every technical aspect of the rooms follows a strict code of environment-friendly highly comfortable features. From low water consumption mixers & toilet tanks to solar heating panels on the roof, environmentally certified double glazed windows, or traditional style lime wall paint, the complete guesthouse area, is meant to ensure the guests' best enjoyment and appreciation.


The bathrooms are designed for your comfort and convenience in mind. Relish a hot bath, while enjoying the complimentary custom made soaps and toiletries provided - all made from natural ingredients to provide the ultimate care and attention.

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