April 10, 2019

Virgin Atlantic Changes Logo to Meet Diversity in People

British airline Virgin Atlantic presents diversity by changing the ‘Flying Lady’ from the 1930s, and bringing in five new versions to represent the diversity of its customers and workers.

According to CNN, the new logos include five diverse "flying icons" that more accurately "represent its customers and workforce."


A black woman and a gay man in rainbowlycra are among the new faces making their debut on four of its new Airbus A350-1000 fleet, due to be unveiled later this year. According to Virgin Atlantic, this is the first time an airline has ever used male figureheads on its fleet.
Scantily draped in a red bodysuit that unfurls into a Union Jack, the Flying Lady was inspired by the kitsch "pin-up girls" style of artists such as the 1940s Peruvian painter Alberto Vargas.

As detailed by Nikki Humphrey—SVP of People at Virgin Atlantic—in a statement via CNN, the new icons will hopefully encourage people of all walks of life to “feel at home” flying and working with the airline.

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