March 13, 2018 Egypt Middle East

Visit Cairo: City of Opposite Extremes and Endless Vibrant Discoveries

For some it’s too big, dirty or too crowded... for others it feels hot and is too rough; for me, Cairo is sexy, full of discoveries, enjoyable to travel to and inhabited with happy and fun people. On my fourth visit to Cairo in the last two years, this city doesn’t stop to impress me with its positive vibes and vibrant population. In Cairo walls talk, street dance, shops celebrate and people smile while accepting their life’s problems. 

In Cairo, prepare yourself to be amazed; eat a fifty cents on the streets of the old souks or stay at a luxurious hotel for two hundred dollars a night. Have a fancy dinner for twenty dollars or grab a sandwich for a dollar. I love this city!


Visiting during Ramadan, I fell in love with its people while discovering its beating heart. Back on a business trip, the nostalgia struck me. Photos that speak for themselves, enjoy Cairo and plan your next touristic trip of endless discoveries.

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