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Anthony Rahayel is a prominent Lebanese food blogger, YouTuber, and social media influencer known for his extensive documentation and promotion of Lebanese cuisine and culinary culture. Here is an overview of his background and activities:


  • Profession: Dentist by profession, Anthony Rahayel ventured into the world of food blogging and vlogging, combining his passion for food with his desire to showcase Lebanese culinary heritage.
  • Blogging and Social Media: He is the founder of the popular blog "NoGarlicNoOnions," which started as a platform to share his food experiences and has grown into a widely recognized brand.


  • Concept: The name "NoGarlicNoOnions" reflects Rahayel’s personal food preferences, as he does not consume garlic or onions. The blog focuses on discovering and promoting local food gems, street food, and traditional Lebanese dishes.
  • Content: The platform includes restaurant reviews, food-related travel experiences, and coverage of food markets and street vendors. His content often features high-quality photos and videos, making it visually appealing and engaging.

Social Media Presence

  • YouTube: Anthony Rahayel’s YouTube channel features videos of his food adventures, reviews of eateries, and explorations of local markets both in Lebanon and internationally. His videos often capture the essence of local cultures through their cuisine.
  • Instagram and Other Platforms: He is active on Instagram, where he shares photos and short videos of his food discoveries, interacting with a large audience. His presence on other social media platforms helps him reach a diverse and global audience.

Influence and Impact

  • Promotion of Lebanese Cuisine: Rahayel is credited with playing a significant role in promoting Lebanese food culture worldwide. His efforts have brought international attention to lesser-known Lebanese dishes and food establishments.
  • Support for Local Businesses: Through his platform, he highlights and supports small, local businesses, helping them gain visibility and attract more customers.
  • Awards and Recognition: His work has earned him various accolades and recognition within the food blogging community. He is considered a key influencer in the Middle Eastern food scene.

Philanthropy and Community Work

  • Supporting Local Farmers and Producers: Rahayel advocates for the use of locally sourced ingredients and often collaborates with local farmers and producers.
  • Food for a Cause: He has been involved in initiatives aimed at supporting communities through food, such as organizing events or campaigns to aid those in need.

Personal Traits

  • Passion for Food and Culture: His content reflects a deep passion for food and a genuine interest in the stories behind the dishes and the people who make them.
  • Engaging Personality: Known for his friendly and engaging demeanor, Rahayel’s ability to connect with his audience has been a key factor in his success as a food influencer.

Overall, Anthony Rahayel is a dynamic figure in the world of food blogging, with a particular focus on Lebanese cuisine. His work has not only popularized Lebanese food globally but also provided valuable support to local food businesses and cultural heritage.

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