October 30, 2012

Winter is Here and So Are Cheese and Wine Parties... Gold Cheese Anyone?

It's raining soon. Cheese and wine dinner parties are going to start coming your way. If you want to stand out and be different - the Lebanese way, look for the most expensive cheese around. The world’s most expensive cheese was recently unveiled at the Frome Cheese and Agricultural Show in Somerset. Would you pay $1300 (£840) for a cheese plate? If it's worth it why not. The platter includes gold leaf flecked cheddar and a Serbian cheese made with donkey milk. I would love to try both...

The Daily Mail has the story:

Let’s hope it’s only the price that’s hard to swallow:

World’s most expensive cheese board that costs £840 and includes Donkey cheddar:

Extravagant platter unveiled (recently) at Frome Cheese and Agricultural Show in Somerset For a cheese-lovers, a Somerset cheddar or a variety made from donkey milk may not hold as much appeal as a mature brie. But in fact both have found their way onto the world’s most expensive cheese board. It costs £841.10 and includes cheese made from Serbian donkeys, and a cheddar contained gold leaf and French truffles. The world’s most expensive cheese board, pictured, is priced at a stonking £840. But the real cost of the curdling culinary extravaganza is more than a £2,000 once the price of the board it is served on and all the accompaniments, including jellies and preserves, are totted up. That breaks down to a £50 a mouthful. The platter includes Pule cheese made from donkey milk, right, and Wyke Farms Vintage Cheese with gold leaf. A £445 solid silver cheese knife and scoop will help the smooth delivery of £32 of ash-encrusted goats’ cheese onto a £10 artisan Swedish crispbread. Abbaye de Belloc, an unpasteurised sheep’s cheese traditionally made by Benedictine monks in the Pays Basque region of France, is also included on the platter. Chairman of the Global Cheese Awards Nigel Pooley is not expecting a rush of takers for the expensive platter. But he does hope it will showcase the art of cheesemaking. Mr Pooley said: ‘We had initially thought of camel, horse and moose cheese, so we could aim for the World’s Most Expensive Cheese from around the Globe in a whole new sense. Maybe that’s one for next year.’The cheese made from the milk of Serbian donkeys is the most expensive in the world.

SAY CHEESE! WHAT YOU WILL GET FOR £840 1. Pule - made-to-order Serbian cheese made from 25 litres of donkey milk - £795/kg 2. Wyke Farms Vintage Cheddar - with gold leaf and white French truffles - £252/kg 3. Reblochon - soft cheese made from raw cows milk - £19 4. Golden Cross Goats Cheese - rolled in ash - £31.20/kg 5. Banon Goats Cheese - prepared using fruit brandy - £7.95 6. Brie - containing truffles - £52/kg 7. Abbaye de Belloc - unpasteurised sheep’s milk cheese made by Benedictine monks - £44/kg 8. Bosworth Goats Cheese - enthused with rosemary - £8.95 The price for the indulgent cheese board tops £840 and includes a Cheddar with gold leaf and white French truffles, a goat’s cheese which is matured inside brown chestnut leaves and a smoked variety made from DONKEY milk. The event showcases the best cheese from around the world and they were fittingly displayed on a solid silver platter.

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