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YEH! Frozen Yogurt and Cafe, Montreal
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Ever since I came to Montreal, i've been searching for a frozen yogurt place…

As you may notice, frozen yogurt has become one of the many healthy desserts people have been demanding lately. Well Yeh! you might think of it as ordinary ice cream served in a cup with some toppings, but in fact it is a completely different concept. Yeh! is a frozen yogurt place located in St. Catherine next to Concordia University.

When entering the shop, the waiter welcomes you and offers to explain how it works, if you are not familiar with the concept he offers some samples in order for you to know what to take… if you already are familiar with the place all you have to do is grab a cup, fill it with some frozen yogurt of your choice (chocolate, vanilla, smors, cookies and cream and many other delicious flavors), and add some toppings. You have the choice of freshly cut fruits or some chocolate chips, M&Ms, cookies or even brownies.. it's where you can be creative and create your own dessert…

You can even create your own cookie dough, personally i haven't tried it yet but it seems very tempting, i'm sure i'm going to try it the next time i visit the place and will tell you all about it… At the end of the creative mixture all you have to do is weigh your cup and pay for it… And then you are ready, Yeh! it's time to enjoy your frozen yogurt…

We have the same concept in Lebanon as well

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