October 14, 2015 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Sugar Bee: Classy Boxes, Tasty Chocolates

This morning, while staying home after an elbow fracture, I was offered a selection of chocolate and biscuits from Sugar Bee. A white box with gold lines that looks neat and classy. The logo somehow resembles that of Ladurée.


Sugar Bee proposes a selection of chocolates and sweet bites, some of which we tried including the Oreo, wafer, caramel and crispy with a biscuit aromatized with rose water.

To start with, each peace is individually wrapped keeping them fresh. The chocolate used is kind of light without an overdose of sweetness. The filling is crispy and crunchy especially the Oreo and Lotus. They reminded me of the chocolates of Dandy, a brand I like.

I enjoyed the Oreo, loved the caramel wafer, which felt like tasted like a Lion Bar, the Lotus put a smile on my face… thin envelope of chocolate embrace a crunchy heart. Milk chocolate but not sweet and not too sugary.


I'll change:

  • All boxes look alike; finding the wafer or the Oreo was not easy when having 7 of them. A sticker should mark the differences.
  • They taste good for sure but feel commercial this is why I believe they are from a supplier. If they were produced in-house, people would love to know the origin of the chocolate and percentage of cocoa in each.

A new chocolate shop has been spotted and I believe it's worth a try.





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