August 02, 2012

You Read it Here First: OBI's New Approach Towards Japanese Cuisine in Lebanon

If you have passed by the new ABC Dbayeh's roof floor, you definitely must have seen the sign OBI.  Intrigued as I always am, I asked around... what is OBI and who is behind it. I found out that OBI is a new Japanese food outlet opening soon in both ABC Achrafieh and Dbayeh. The term OBI in Japanese refers to the sash that graces a kimono, adding personality and unique character to who wears this defining accessory.

How will OBI be different I ask. "What distinguishes OBI from other sushi bars is the unique difference in diet and cooking styles that are practiced from the snow-capped mountains of northern Hokkaido to the sandy shores of Okinawa. Blended together to create a subtle balance of texture, colors and flavors presents a gastronomic Japanese experience for all people of all ages, any time of day." When talking about its cuisine, we learn that OBI is offering a a wide variety of recipes using  ingredients brought directly from Japan. The ingredients are carefully combined together to create subtle dishes that tantalize the senses, playing on texture, color and flavor in innovative ways - promising the most authentic Japanese flavor in every bite. Prepared by only the most qualified Far Eastern artists, our chefs regularly visit home as part of their training plan to reconnect sensually with their roots, so that once back at “OBI” can represent just the very best of their background and culinary heritage.

Guests have the privilege to select meals of endless choices. Appetizers that stimulate the taste buds, sushi, sashimi, and maki that translate a world full of colors onto the table, hot dishes that force you to visit “OBI” once, twice & thrice to try them all and finally desserts that end this experience just perfectly. OBI will be set in a perfectly designed Japanese venue satisfying your eyes first. Turquoise and white colors of OBI render it a place of tranquility and calmness where one can come to enjoy a healthy and peaceful meal.

Managed by Catertainment, OBI will soon be opening it's doors to genuine Japanese experience.  

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