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Souk el Akel: Lebanon's Street Food Market Kicks Its Summer Season
Jun 17, 2018

Eat, Meet, Greet and Treat yourself to the very best culinary experiences Lebanon has to offer! At Souk el Akel you'll find edible delights to suit all tastes and…


Souk el Akel: Lebanon's Street Food Market Kicks Its Summer Season





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The Flavors of Soda Around the World


April 18, 2017

Love it or hate it, wherever you go in the world, you’re sure to find soda sitting on the shop shelves. You see the usual Coca-cola, Pepsi, and Sprite but perhaps you’ve come across a bottle of Appy Fizz from India, Fanta Watermelon…

Let's Indulge in Some "Daoukieh"... Orgasmic Oriental Sweets!

Desserts & Sweets

June 03, 2014 | Recommended | Lebanon

An NGNO reader sent me a request to try "Al Daoukieh" at Daouk in Tarik Jdideh, next to the Cola Roundabout. This Lebanese pastry shop has created a unique dessert that has made it to all four corners of the world.…

New Freestyle Coca-Cola Fountain Soda Machine


May 30, 2014 | Food Gadgets

Meet the new counter-top Freestyle Coca-Cola fountain soda machine, which lets you add extra flavors, like Vanilla and Lime, to a selection of Coca-Cola beverages. The new Freestyle Coca-Cola were designed to fit the existing layout at your local…

Coca-Cola's Exclusive Crystal Glass by Riedel


March 18, 2014 | Popular

Coca-Cola now has something in common with chardonnay, cabernet and champagne - an exclusively designed crystal glass from Riedel Crystal. The 258-year-old custom glass maker known throughout the wine world for its varietal-specific stemware and…

Dubai Cola: Did you Try it?


September 22, 2013

Last week, Bashir, a loyal reader of NoGarlicNoOnions sent me a message on Facebook about this new drink called: "Dubai Cola". It was time they create a soda drink after having almost everything with the Dubai name and logo on. lol! Anyway,…

Q Kola - Could This Be My New Favorite Soda?


August 07, 2012

Have you heard of the new Cola, which according to the New York Times, its expected to bring back the K in Cola. The name is Q Kola, a new soda drink which will bring you closer to the real taste of Kola - the basic ingredient that makes our…

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