June 25, 2017

10 Reasons to Visit Beirut, Lebanon, This Year!

Published on The Points Guy on February 5th 2017

Inviting Americans to visit Lebanon, the article below shows the most relevant reasons why planning your next trip to Lebanon is a must.


(TPG)- Beirut is not exactly a popular destination for Americans — there’s a travel warning and it’s in the Middle East (but not the flashy part like Dubai) so it’s relatively unknown by the average US traveler. And at the moment, it’s in the midst of a serious refugee crisis. But, as I recently discovered firsthand, everyone who doesn’t visit this vibrant city is seriously missing out.

Lebanon is a small country along the Mediterranean with a population of around five million, currently housing at least one million Syrian refugees. There’s a war just over the border. The country has enjoyed relative peace since the 15-year-long civil war ended in 1990, though tensions run high with nearby Israel — you can’t even enter Lebanon with an Israeli stamp in your passport, for instance. Red flags aside, it’s a half-Christian, half-Muslim destination with incredibly rich history, mouthwatering food, sophisticated design, chic nightlife and breathtaking seascapes and mountains. Beirut definitely lives up to its nickname, the “Paris of the Middle East.” Plus, the locals are friendly — for the most part, they speak French, Arabic and English — and you can expect to be called “habibi” constantly (it means ‘my dear’).

Here are 10 reasons to leave your comfort zone behind and pay this gorgeous Mediterranean destination a visit.

1. You’ll Learn More History Here Than You Ever Did in School

2. The Hotels Are World-Class

3. It’s a Mecca for Foodies

4. It’s Close to One of the Oldest Continuously Inhabited Cities in the World

5. Beaches. Period.

6. Beirut’s Nightlife Scene Is Huge

7. There Is Amazing Wine, at Pretty Great Prices

8. Shop ‘Til You Drop

9. There’s an Emphasis on Wellness

10. The Mountains Are Right There

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