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2014: Best Foul, Hummus and Eggs with Kawarma in Lebanon


Fouad Massaad: The Authentic Breakfast of Zahle

In Zahle, when you say Foul and Hummos for breakfast, Georges Massaad is the only place to visit. Georges Massaad is located on the main Zahle highway, few meters after the Saraya. Pass the Saraya and land in front of a shop that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner opened back in the fifties. 

Foul Abou Hassan, Bourj Hammoud’s Famous Address

I have tried foul and hummus in Tyre, I've tried them in Tripoli, I've tried them in  Beirut... and every time I share my experience, readers would ask me if I have tried  the foul and hummus at Abou Hassan. Heading down to Bourj Hammoud's Abou Hassan was a definite stop I couldn't miss. 

Al Soussi Beirut: Voted the World’s Best Breakfast

Following the recommendation of the CNN’s Best Breakfasts from Around the World, we went to meet the Soussi family. Raji Kebbe, the old man standing in the kitchen, and his cousin Ahmad el Soussi, welcome their guests from the early hours of the morning until the last minute of lunch has passed. They say try the foul (fava beans) at El Soussi, but that’s not the only thing they do… Come here for the hummus, fatteh, kawarma, bad ghanam and surely chicken liver.

Mazraani: Tyre’s Famous Local Breakfast

Breakfast in Tyre, there aren’t many options and what’s there is known by all. The famous Baroud, or Mazraani, both offer a premium quality prepared with love and dedication. After visiting Baroud last year, I was back for the tasty local street breakfast and this time met Mr. Mazraani and his son, who have been producing these awesome plates since 1968. Ali, the founder, still comes to work, making sure his son Houssein follows in his footsteps.

Le Professeur: The Lebanese Breakfast Specialist

Le Professeur’s story started more than twenty years ago, on a little street in Mar Elias where this specialist breakfast restaurant welcomes you from the early hours of the day. The hummus doctor, the judge of foul, the graduate in the art of fatteh, Le Professeur prepares everything in front of your eyes, tantalizing each of your senses and making you want to order ever more food.

Al Balad: A Lebanese Restaurant's Tasty Breakfast

How about a rich and yummy Lebanese breakfast, or let's say brunch, since that's the trend nowadays... We often go to places where croissants, pancakes... are served. Well, how about some labneh scooped onto some freshly baked bread, topped with a single olive and a slice of cut tomatoes... Amazingly tasty...  Sometimes the simplest things in life are often the best... Let's start our day early gathering everyone around on a Sunday morning... to enjoy a new approach towards how we enjoy early morning Lebanese bites.

Restaurant Baroud: Having Breakfast the Old Fashioned Way in Tyre's Old Souk

In the old souk of Tyre (Sur) in south Lebanon located on a 1 minute walk from the fishermen port is the famous Baroud. An authentic breakfast spot that opens from 05:50am until 11am only serving the best Foul, Hummus and Msabbaha (Fava beans and Chickpeas). A low ceiling, plastic chairs and wooden tables in the simplest setup you can imagine are three men, professionally serving you the old traditional Lebanese breakfast. A journey that starts few meters away, approaching Baroud attracted by the rich mouthwatering aromas of cooked peas.

Akra Tripoli: Enjoying Foul The Old Fashioned Way

Our Tripoli street tour started at Akra, a renowned foul and hummus place known as ‘the cave’. In the heart of the old souk, a few meters away from the clock, Akra is a wonderful place and I'm happy we came here. Foul, hommos madkouk, foul bi thini, hommos lahme, malizia and fatteh, everything is prepared without garlic unless you ask.

Abou Andre: A Tasty Authentic Lebanese Breakfast

Honestly, I think with all the chaos going on, Lebanese traditional food is one of the few left gems that make Lebanon such a special country, where traditional dishes is still a favorite among many, especially foreigners (as we recently read in an article on CNN). It's been a while since I enjoyed a good tasty Lebanese breakfast. It only hit me, while I was driving to a meeting in Jounieh. Abou Andre caught my eye. Work can wait a few minutes... I stopped and had a hefty breakfast that's so deliciously memorable...

Cafe des Cèdres: A Must Visit in the Cedars

The first thing you have to do when you reach the Cedars is go and meet Joseph and Nathalie. Who are they? Joseph Kahya and his wife Nathalie can be found in the shop under the big tree facing the Cedars of God forest. The place welcomes you from early morning until late night, offering a large selection of homemade food, all prepared to perfection. 

Zgheib: Homemade Cuisine in Jbeil's Old Souk 

Zgheib: Homemade Cuisine in Jbeil's Old Souk: Raw meat, raw liver, kebbeh, eggs with kawarma





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2014: Best Breakfast in Lebanon


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