October 24, 2013

A Paint Set Made Of Chocolate

If you love chocolate, love painting or simply just love chocolate, these box of chocolate paints designed by Japanese design giants, Nendo, is something to see and try... The ‘Chocolate Paint’ inlcudes 12 different paint tubes is a stylish packaging. Every tube is actually chocolate-made tubes filled with various flavors. Vanilla, grape, coffee, brandy, rum, caramel, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, green tea, honey lemon, melon—each flavor corresponds to the color found on the tube; so that when bitten on, it reveals a true likeness to ‘paint’ oozing out. 2 The limited edition Chocolate Paint priced at ¥4,200 (US$43) each. The design firm created a realistic-looking paint set using chocolate for Japanese magazine Pen.
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