October 03, 2013

A Project the World is Going to Talk About... Here in Lebanon

Phone Number: +961-3-945961

Address: Armenia Street, Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Lebanon ( 6PM - 1AM)

Website: https://www.facebook.com/junkyardbeirut/

Price Range: 30-60 $

Beirut's wonderland, The Junkyard or Pop-up Container is opening again, only bigger and better...  The big opening is sooner than you can imagine. Following my first visit to the place back in April, I couldn't but ask to be welcomed again to follow on the making-off this unique piece of wondrous architecture. The_Junkyard_2013_Mar_Mikhael_Beirut10
The Junkyard 2013 is one of those places that just make you stand and stare in awe!
A unique concept which I believe the whole world is going to talk about... a concept that will saturate all all your senses and hypnotize you in seconds.
I won't say more, but will tease you with the pictures below. The_Junkyard_2013_Mar_Mikhael_Beirut05
In a few months expect to experience something out of this world.
  •  “1? container is now “11?
  • The 20ft container has grown bigger to a 40ft one
  • One floor has now expanded to two
  • The open space that can welcome you during summertime is now closed for the cold days
  • A new idea that won’t close at the end of summer
  • An external summer bar will make sure to serve you with the finest cold and refreshing drinks
  • A private area is under construction for your private gatherings
and much much more… The details I will keep as a surprise. The_Junkyard_2013_Mar_Mikhael_Beirut14   The_Junkyard_2013_Mar_Mikhael_Beirut06   The_Junkyard_2013_Mar_Mikhael_Beirut19   The_Junkyard_2013_Mar_Mikhael_Beirut13   The_Junkyard_2013_Mar_Mikhael_Beirut15   The_Junkyard_2013_Mar_Mikhael_Beirut18   The_Junkyard_2013_Mar_Mikhael_Beirut01
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