April 01, 2013

Prepare Yourselves for The Junkyard 2013

Phone Number: +961-3-945961

Address: Armenia Street, Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Lebanon ( 6PM - 1AM)

Website: https://www.facebook.com/junkyardbeirut/

Price Range: 30-60 $

Following the huge success of The Junkyard last summer, the same people behind this unique concept  are cooking up something extraordinary, this summer will witness yet another extraordinary hotspot... You will be the first to know... stay tuned.  Below is a small reminder of last year's popup concept, just to entice you to what more is coming...


Let us remember together last years concept:

The Junkyard, or like others call it, the Pop-up Container, Beirut’s new Wonderland as the people behind, Food for Thought, the place calls it.

You walk into a beautiful junk yard. How is using these two words together even possible? I will tell you how... Imagine a wall made of wine and beer bottles, an engine turned table, barrels are used as the  bar, a container is the kitchen, a bread toaster on a poll acts like business card holder, empty cans and water bottles dangle down as chandeliers, walls a are artistically covered with graffiti, a Pétanque field, an industrial wooden floor, a couple of old couches, an old motorcycle brought in from the cars cemetery across the street, old bulky TV sets showing Tom & Jerry old cartoons, sea floaters dispatched randomly and so much more. On one side there’s the Mona Lisa supervising over the whole logistics while CCTV Graffiti camera does the same from the other side.


"All of that magical setup was last year"

The Pop-up Container Junkyard 2013

In a few months expect to experience something out of this world.

  • Only "1" container is now "11"
  • The 20ft container has grow bigger to a 40ft one
  • One floor has expended to the neighbours another level
  • The open space able to welcome you during summertime is now closed for the cold days
  • A new idea that won't close at the end of summer
  • An external summer bar will make sure to serve you with the finest cold and refreshing drinks
  • A private area is under construction for your private gathering

and much much more... Details that I'll keep as a surprise.

Pop-up Container Junkyard 2013

Meanwhile, check the pictures and stay tuned to read even more soon.

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