October 09, 2013

A Tea Masterpiece

 Whatever you do don't sneeze. Drawing with tea, did you ever imagine that?

Check out this beautiful artwork by designer and illustrator Andrew Gorkovenko who created these surprisingly wonderful illustrations utilizing the tea contained within each box. This series of awe-inspiring dry tea illustration is part of a series of packaging designs for Triptea. I’d definitely buy some, if only for the box artworks.


Using only basic tools to manipulate the dry tea on white paper canvases, Gorkovenko created a series of intricate designs which illustrate the origin of the different tea varieties – the Great Wall of China and a detailed pagoda for green tea, a picturesque Ceylon landscape for black tea, etc. As Christopher from Colossal notes, Andrew really went above and beyond for this campaign. Triptea must be pleased.

tea-1 tea-4 tea-7 tea-5 tea-6

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