August 05, 2017 Hamra & Verdun Beirut Lebanon Middle East

ABC Verdun: Now Open in the Heart of Beirut

ABC Verdun, Lebanon's biggest and sexiest mall is now open in the heart of Beirut. Check below the first picture of this architectural masterpiece. 


The project is constructed on an 18,000 square-meter property with over 150,000 square meters of built-up, out of which 50,000 are allocated to lease to a wide selection of international and must-have brands. ABC Verdun has a 10,000 square-meter ABC department store to be integrated into the composition of the overall project. ABC Verdun also hosts 6,000 square meters of entertainment and leisure and 1,800 square meters of garden space, fronted by boutique retailers and cafe seating.

Expect to experience more than 200 shops, including 28 restaurants and coffee shops and several new concept stores.

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