March 06, 2015

Adon & Myrrh: Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Bdadoun

Let's start with a small introduction, one that's very important before moving forward. What is extra virgin olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is rare in Lebanon and believe me, not every producer that puts the words on the label should be allowed to do so. There is a strict procedure to follow – so make sure that they have been respected…


How extra virgin olive oil is produced:

  • The countdown starts the minute the olives are handpicked, and handpicked only.
  • Never beat the tree, as it will damage the olives. Cracking the olives open is very bad. It starts the fermentation process.
  • Oxygen should not enter the olives.
  • Technically it means that the olives should be handpicked, cleaned, put in boxes (not in bags), and immediately taken to the press (within 30 minutes).
  • Cold pressed on the spot with stainless steel presses using the minimal quantity of water.
  • Oil is kept in stainless steel containers.

These steps should all be respected.


I came across a new olive oil company lately at the Beirut Cooking Festival. Adon & Myrrh produces olive oil that looks like green gold. Beautiful dark glass bottles, a classy label and a name, hard to remember or pronounce, but they do produce some good flavorful and pure olive oil. The best part about this company is that they don't crush the pits, but remove them before starting the process.

The main difference between none pitted extra virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil made from pitted olives is the taste. Pitted is less acid, fruity and more delicate. It’s an olive oil that’s ideal for people who prefer smoother olive oil and yet don’t want to compromise on the fruitiness and benefits of green olives.

Adon is one product and Myrrh is another. Olives in Adon are pressed without the pits while Myrrh is the conventional extra virgin olive oil with the Bdadoun signature.

After tasting both brands at the festival, I couldn't but take some home with me and I'm enjoying our Lebanese gold with Labneh on an almost daily basis. 

Adon&Myrrh has two kinds:

  • Premium Extra Virgin olive oil: Acidity level 0.3%
  • Extra Virgin olive oil: Acidity level below 0.8%

This olive oil is special and offers fruity notes, some pure strength, and adequate acidity and dryness. Recommended.

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