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Ahwak: Cheese Rolls With a Glass of Wine
Casual Dining

Ahwak, a concept by Abdel Wahab, is one of the few Lebanese restaurants I like to eat at in a mall. It's clean, modern, friendly and very tasty. Often times, while at Le Mall in Dbayeh, my friends decide to grab a bite at Ahwak - one for its food, and two for its smoking (open air) area where smokers as well as arguilleh fans enjoy their time. 

The interior is very modern. A fresh take on the oriental feel. The benches are covered with colorful and comfortable pillows that come in various patterns.


Their logo is based on a bird, which is found in most of the details around the restaurant. The sketches inside the menus, the napkin holders, the little bird accompanies you every where. It's nice and soothing...


The menu includes typical Lebanese dishes yet they have platters that are interesting to try. My personal favorite is their grilled cheese rolls "rakakat". I go there just to order them.


I can't tell you enough how tasty these bites are. I usually have a plate of these along with a dish of tabbouleh and a glass of wine. I know weird combination... but I love it.


The staff is very welcoming... always smiling and not at any minute do they make you feel that you're a burden. Trust me, my friends are a handful.


The things I liked:

  • Hot bread freshly baked in-house - delicious
  • Portions are very generous
  • Plate presentation
  • Personalized wet wipes
  • Leather menus -  stitched names
  • Warm wood furniture
  • Dangling modern chandeliers
  • Their glasses are really nice - wine and water glasses


I may not have said too much about the place, but honestly compared to other Lebanese restaurants near Ahwak at Le Mall, this place really stands out...


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