January 17, 2019 Prague Czech Republic Europe

Alriso: Gluten Free Italian Cuisine in Prague
Non-smokers friendly
Casual Dining

When you are welcomed with a smile, you will immediately understand that the owners are not Czech. An Italian family-style trattoria on Betlémské náměstí, focusing on rice in its various forms, from appetizers to desserts. In Alriso’s completely gluten-free menu you can find risotto from premium quality rice and also a wide range of meat, seafood and other elements of traditional Italian cuisine. Because the kitchen uses rice and rice flour for cooking, the experience is completely gluten-free.


I’ve been in Prague for less than a day and honestly feel like leaving. Locals are impolite, rude and sad. I’ve been pushed from restaurants, restricted from taking photos... a city loaded with tourists from all around the world push you, shout and drink to feel wasted. Anyway, staying positive, I went searching for non-touristic eateries and managed to find two amazing restaurants until now, Alriso and Kaprova.

A small trattoria with only five tables can host ten guests at a time; there might be another room underground. The menu proposes a wide selection of starters, more than ten risottos, spaghetti, and pasta as well as meats and chicken. I loved the vibes, the mood, and the service.


Dinner starts with rice bread and olive oil. I ordered a carafe of the house wine, enjoying sipping it while food arrived. Soothing Italian tunes, a warm ambiance but brightly lit lamps coming down from the ceiling.

Italian burrata with purple tomatoes and arugula to start: a very good Italian quality. How great it is to crunch walnuts in a risotto cooked al dente. I loved the molten cheese, the saltiness of the plate and simplicity in cooking. The spaghetti is so fresh and light-bodied that they don’t even need a spoon to be rolled — Salmon and cherry tomatoes with marination of white wine. I couldn’t but finish all plates.


Do not leave without having the tiramisu! A cake that melts under the palate, juicy and loaded with flavors. A thick creamy layer. A load of cocoa spread all around the plate. Yummy!


A recommendation when visiting Prague! Bravo for the service, food, and experience.

Suitable For: Casual Dining





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