January 23, 2020

America's Best Food Cities for 2020


Who does not like a yummy bite? We all eat, and we want the best food that comes with taste and a price to match. From statistics, the time humans spend eating adds up to four and a half years. It is, therefore, necessary to find the best food for your stomach for all those years. One of the ways to fulfill this is by finding the best eateries as you travel.

In this post, we discover some of the best destinations for food tourism in America. As you walk around experiencing life, you are going to experience different cuisines here. Take all your time and sample through the food production centers and restaurants to see what the best foods compare with your favorite at home.

These are the best food cities you need to check out as you travel through the United States. 

1. Chicago, Illinois

For some time, deep-dish pizza has been the identity of Chicago City. However, recently, there has been a diversity in the type of foods you can find here. It is now one of the top destinations for food tourists.

Some of the top servings you will enjoy in Chicago include Garrett popcorn, hot dogs, and Italian beef. The variety and accessibility of food, with ice cream shops, makes the Windy City one of the best places you need to visit soon for quality meals.


2. San Diego, California

West Coast region has something delicious to offer for your tummy. The next time you are visiting, do not settle for anything below standard. San Diego is famous for its diversity in food options and quality. The city is also well-accessible for all visitors to enjoy the best meals during their stay.

From burritos to cheeseburgers, there are various types of iconic and mouth watering foods. The immediate neighborhood of Old Town is a perfect place to take photographs of the food and create galleries from the best dishes in America.

3. Las Vegas, Nevada

I never knew that food could make a place so famous. Apart from many fascinating things to do in Las Vegas, food is the best experience you need to enjoy. And it is not only among the best delicacy destinations, but Las Vegas is also among the top cheapest places to eat in America.

As if that were not enough, Las Vegas ranks position four in the United States for having the highest number of restaurants compared to the people living in and touring the area. You can be sure to get a spot in a high-quality restaurant for the best dish for a whole family. With a more affordable price, all you need is to pack your family's luggage on your vehicle's roof racks and take them all for a food tour.


4. Houston, Texas 

Texas is one of the most populated places in the United States. Houston, its biggest city, is also one of the best food destinations to try while in the US. There is a variety of food in the area, and the quality is outstanding. Uchi, a Japanese hotspot, has the highest rank on Google reviews for excellent quality services in the city.

Barbecue is one of the top-selling types of food in the region. However, the city also has a wide variety of exotic foods ranging from Chinese, Japanese, Hispanic, and Vietnamese - naming just but a few.

5. Austin, Texas

For people who do not like the populated cities, Auston, the capital, is an ideal choice while still touring Texas. CNBC lists Austin as the best city to live in throughout the US. You can enjoy the peace, infrastructure, and less population than Houston.

Austin is also one of the most affordable eating destinations in the country - with a variety of dishes and high-quality delicacies. With so many restaurants to choose from, you cannot miss the best-quality eateries in the country.

6. Orlando, Florida

It may not be the best choice for people looking for affordability, but Orlando ranks high - 11th position - among the most sought-after locations for the best foods with variety. With a wide diversity in food options, you will have an unforgettable memory eating in Orlando.

Mrs. Potato Restaurant is one of the best-ranking yet most affordable restaurants in Orlando. It is a Brazilian restaurant where you can experience exotic foods at a more pocket-friendly price. They also serve mouth-watering desserts and cakes. 

7. Denver, Colorado

One of the things that Denver ranks for is wineries and breweries. Because of this, people who are into drinking and merrymaking find it to be among the top hotspots to hang out. But the city also offers some of the best delicacies for people who are food enthusiasts.

Denver is another city with diversity and quality that is not best suited for budget travelers. But thanks to Comal Heritage Food Incubator, you can enjoy some of the Latin American dishes at a more affordable rate in town. It is also the best-rated restaurant in the city.

8. Honolulu, Hawaii 

Hawaii might seem too far for people to visit. But when you know the food it has to offer, you cannot decide to avoid visiting Honolulu. Among the best and most delicious dishes in the US, Honolulu ranks 5th.

You can experience the best delicacies in the Western Hemisphere in Senia. But, remember this is not a restaurant for people with a tight travel budget. Even groceries in Hawaii cost more than in most cities in the country. You should prepare well when visiting Hawaii.

To Sum it Up

There are many cities in the US and we cannot exhaust the list of the best food destinations. We have not even mentioned Washington DC, the capital. You can plan a tour to taste the delicacies offered in the various regions in the country without stressing yourself with the busy cities.

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