May 03, 2016 North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Angela: It's More than Croissant!
Morning Delights

In Zgharta "The French Croissant" has one address: Angela... And when you taste it you'll be coming all the way from the four corners of Lebanon for it.


Visiting Zgharta during a Mechwar episode, Angela was a place recommended and I'm glad I did so.

Every morning the bakery opens at 5am selling those bizarrely shaped croissants many crave for. At 11am the last orders are taken. You can buy a  dozen for LBP6,000, that's LBP500 piece!


You enter a bakery that's close to empty but wait until you are invited inside the kitchen where all the fun is. Customers are indeed invited to visit the kitchen, meet the chef and place their orders. Boxes are prepared one after the other, filled with these magical croissants the whole village craves for: cheese, zaatar or chocolate all prepared in front of you then grabbed with a clamp and placed inside the box. You pay in the kitchen where the cash register is placed.


And I had my first bite. Delicious! Yum! I couldn't stop. It's about pure butter in a triangular dough rolled to form a finger. Flaky and crunchy, the taste explodes in your mouth.

As simple as it looks, as affordable as it is, this croissant left me speechless. And wait until you read the comments on Instagram, it really is a famous place the district recommends.


Angela is about the croissant and much more!

Suitable For: Morning Delights


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